Processing Incl. Pre And Post, Testing

CannaLabs presents industry leading processing to produce all desired cannabis based raw and processed materials from Cannabinoid blends to evidence based specific subcritical terpene formulae. Pre-processing and all areas are temperature and humidity controlled including curing, decarb ovens, blixers, freezers, vacuum and related equipment. Extraction features market leading APEX supercritical CO2 machines. Post processing includes vacuum filtration rotary evaporation, fractioning / isolation and purification. Our entire process is ecologically appropriate and non-toxic, everything is edible!

CO2 Hemp and Cannabis Extraction

Supercritical CO2 leads the processing market by far, producing concentrates that are much safer, cleaner, completely non- toxic and more aromatic than ethanol, butane, or hash oil products, the most desirable and valuable product by far on the market. CO2 extracts are more cost efficient to produce and are more customizable in terms of cannabinoid and terpene content for the consumer. 
CO2 extraction is the cutting edge of the cannabis industry, producing product of vastly better quality. We provide only the best for our customers!
Industrial concentrate makers can produce pure cannabis extracts with the consistency of oil, shatter, budder or wax more easily with the same CO2 facility simply by varying and fine tuning the temperature, pressure, solvent-to-feed ratio and the flow rate during the extraction process. Best quality, best value!

CO2 runs through plant material providing the cleanest product, guaranteeing concentrates of the highest quality. Nothing else compares. CO2 as a sanitizing agent, providing true food and medical grade oils, contrary to any other extraction process utilizing toxic solvents.

The absence of toxic chemicals makes our pure Sub and Supercritical CO2 concentrates safer to consume, tastier to experience and more effective thanks to the preservation of terpene aromas and other desireables otherwise destroyed by alcohol or butane making your CO2 cannabis extract of vastly superior quality. We are dedicated to providing the best quality product on the planet!

A combination of Sub and Supercritical CO2 extraction utilizes phase changes in carbon dioxide, temperature and pressure. CO2 is known as a completely pure “tuneable solvent”, making it extremely versatile, allowing us to create a multitude of consumer products by controlling temperature and pressure, delivering different weights of components of plant material via a nontoxic solvent. Nothing else compares! Everything is edible!